Flash Fiction

Stories in a flash


Life is busy. We all have things to do. 

Here's a bit of fiction when life doesn't give you the time to sit back, relax, and escape reality.


Sometimes Fantasy, sometimes Horror and whatever fits in between.

Below are some stories for your reading pleasure.  Read the snippet and if interested, click on the image to download for free.

Amanda Grayson

I found myself dirty and disheveled with no memory of how I got here. The right knee of my jeans was torn, my knitted sweater was unraveling at the collar where it connected with the hood, and the first two buttons were missing showing the faded pink t-shirt with the teddy bear which was my favorite. My left sneaker was untied and my right earring was gone. They had been my grandmother’s so with a pang of loss I started searching the leaf strewn ground for them.  (Click image to download.)

The Necklace

Waxen rays of moonlight filtered through the gauzy clouds casting shadows across the graves. Dave was having second thoughts. He shouldn’t have accepted the dare but, Mason could be quite persuasive in that forceful compelling influence that only a bully can pull off. All he needed to do was find the necklace that Mason had stashed among the statuary. (Click image to download.)

The Wedding Anniversary

It was Valentines Day and their first wedding anniversary. Her excitement palpable, she couldn’t wait until tonight’s special dinner. He was good at the little things, the things that mattered. Erin felt so lucky to be his wife. She had taken off from work today so she could pamper herself and get ready for her romantic evening with him. (Click image to download.)


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