Writing Therapy

Self-care journaling

We all juggle many things. We have many responsibilities. We expend our efforts and energies on work, life, family, projects and whatnot.  Sometimes, we're still doing it all while running on empty.

This is when we break down. We're exhausted, foggy brained, drained and uninspired. We've forgotten to take care of ourselves. The well has run dry.

Self-care is important.  It's imperative to redirect our energies and focus on ourselves  even if it's for a little bit, and revitalize ourselves so that we can thrive. 

It's not so easy sometimes. I understand. Let's start by calming down the chattering mind. And if it's not chattering, if things are bottled up, journaling can let things out. It can help relieve anxiety in general, calm the mind, and give you the time you need for yourself.  Your quiet time.

The Lighthouse - Reflections of Inner Strength & Wisdom

By: Carmen Esposito

The Lighthouse - Reflections of Inner Strength & Wisdom is an inspirational journal with coloring pages. This journal explores fourteen inspirational quotes that express basic tenets. These can be applied to benefit inner growth and healing. The author begins the conversation by including a few words on each of the inspirational quotes. These are followed by two-lined floral framed pages to be used for journaling.

This journal also helps bring focus to our inner being by directing awareness to our moods - our emotions. Often, we go through life ignoring how we're affected because our attention is focused on external obstacles, problems, and stimuli. The Mood Graph is a tool to gently bring awareness to self and document our emotional state. 

The Mood Graph can track eight different moods for 24 hours. The graph focuses on general areas which are: Happy, Content, Neutral, Annoyed, Angry, Stressed, Sad, or Depressed. Shade the box that indicates your current mood and time of recording.

There are two additional journaling pages to reflect on your mood. Contemplating and journaling can help process emotions and bring clarity. This is beneficial and can aid in clearing up and releasing unresolved feelings.

The coloring pages serve as a therapeutic tool to relax and calm the racing mind.