Carmen Esposito

Carmen Esposito spends her days dreaming up stories while navigating everyday life in New York City. 

Her days are filled with the realities of her day job, raising her granddaughter, back talk from her fourteen-year-old cat, who clearly understands English, and dreams of becoming a novelist. 

She enjoys fantasy, paranormal, horror and sci-fi genres. Not all of her writing is based on fiction and recently, she published a coloring journal with inspirational quotes. When not publishing under her name, she may publish under her pen name, Leandra A. Reyes.

Besides writing, she keeps herself busy with various projects such as sewing, crocheting, making costume jewelry and junk journals. 

Not wanting to be defined by one form of creativity, she created Vellum and Bliss as a repository of her writing as well as other imaginative works.


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