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The Lighthouse

Reflections of Inner Strength and Wisdom

By: Carmen Esposito

The Lighthouse provides illumination in the fiercest of storms. It helps guide a vessel safely out of danger.

The symbol of the Lighthouse can help us navigate the stormy waters of our subconscious and guide us safely into a peaceful harbor.

As Carmen said: “Creating this journal has been on my mind for several years. I really wanted to help my sisters find balance and calmness in their lives - this is how this journal was born. As recent events unfolded affecting the whole world, I feel in my heart that others can also benefit from it. It is my sincere wish that this journal will help them.”

The Lighthouse – Reflections of Inner Strength and Wisdom is a way for women to have a healthy outlet for the flux of emotions they face. The pandemic has changed the way people do things in life and work; and this adjustment has affected many women in different ways. “It is my hope this simple book of quotes, journaling and coloring pages will be just what is needed,” said Carmen Esposito, writer and creator.